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It’s an adventure, it’s awakening and its human!

An inspirational speaker who speaks of our Humanity

Helene Tremblay’s innovative research to present Humanity to Humanity and her stay with families in 116 countries has provided her with an intimate knowledge of the people and societies of humanity and those cultural values and environmental factors that inform their being and striving.

Today with the art of a gifted storyteller and using evocative photographs she transports us through an extraordinary journey of human discovery. With paradigm-shifting impact she instills a sense of hope, pride and belonging increasing immeasurably our human potential and transforming our view the world. Helene inspires us to act locally and ultimately stimulates our desire to participate in the “humane” evolution and a new world.

We come away uplifted, compelled to reach within and beyond.

Helen speaks to congresses, educational institutions and to the public in both French and English. She has spoken to more than 100,000 people worldwide in The Netherlands, England, France, Belgium, United Arabic Emirates, Mali, Burkina Faso, the USA and Canada


Different themes are offered:

    • Tasting elsewhere (For your corporate events)
    • And if we cared for our men first? (Food for your thoughts)
    • Voyage into the heart of Humanity:
      1- How to be a world citizen in the XXI century (for your students)
      2- A Journey within (For you only)
    • Water in our life.
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